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Automation of technological processes
Automation of technological processes
Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
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Batch equipment
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Batch house design
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Service maintenance
Service maintenance
Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
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Design, reconstruction and construction of modern batching plants and raw material storage and processing departments.

 “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC possesses wide experience in designing, reconstruction and construction of the modern batching plants and departments for storage and processing of glass cullet and different raw materials in the glass, chemical, construction, refractory industry and other branches of industry. 

Being a member of non-commercial partnership “Multi-region association of designers” “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC has a right to execution of the whole range of design works and can develop the following parts of a project:

- Executive summary;
- General layout and transport;
- Process design;
- Heating systems, ventilation and aspiration;
- Architectural and planning concepts;
- Construction solutions;
- Engineering support facilities, utility systems;
- Measures ensuring the fire safety;
- Emergency prevention measures;
- Environmental protection;
- Efficiency of investments;
- Organization of construction;
- Cost estimating documentation.
Project documentation development and necessary engineering and technical design is done by means of the license software. In the design process three-dimensional modeling is used for separate equipment items as well as for designed projects in their entirety.

When doing project engineering together with the foreign companies we adapt foreign documentation in order to bring it in line with the rules and guidelines of the Russian Federation.

The organization consists of several design departments, an engineering department, an automation and software department and has well-equipped production facilities which allow addressing all issues of the process and construction design of the following projects:

- batching plants;
- departments for storage and processing of sand, limestone, dolomite;
- foreign and own cullet recycling lines, laboratories and other production departments.

Different dosing-mixing lines and batching plants built upon the projects of “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC have vertical, vertical/horizontal and horizontal configuration and capacity of 10 up to 1000 tonnes of charge material per day.

The reference list of the implemented developments of “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC includes more than 300 plants, workshops, departments and processing lines in Russia and 11 countries of the near and far abroad.


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