"Stromizmeritel" LLCHigh technologies in sphere of manufacture of glassmixture and differrent multicomponent mixtures
Automation of technological processes
Automation of technological processes
Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
Batch equipment
Batch equipment
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Batch house design
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Service maintenance
Service maintenance
Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
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The company

Вывеска"Stromizmeritel" Ltd is a dynamically developing research, designing and production company, established in 1990, which holds leading positions in Russia and CIS countries in the field of designing and constructing of glass and constitution materials manufacturing plants.

When setting up "Stromizmeritel" company we set a goal: solving the problems of improvement of glass mixture processing technique effectiveness. The specific task complex was as follows:
- to create an up-to-date automatic technique of glass mixture manufacturing;
- to assure developing and organize production of equipment for large-tonnage glass mixture production satisfying the high quality standards;
- to develop and organize manufacturing of equipment for processing of raw materials, assuring the quality of processing traditional raw materials, utilization of materials which are “poor” in regard to content of basic component oxide as well as materials with “bad” mechanical and physical properties – caking, water-absorbing capacity, presence of a considerable quantity of flour particles etc. in the production;
- to create methods of equal distribution of small additives in the main material mass (dyes, melting accelerating agents etc.);
- to develop new systems of raw materials and glass mixture conveying – mechanical, pneumatic – without dusting, spillages, splitting;
- to create up-to-date aspiration systems assuring good working conditions and environmental protection;
- to create and build-in existing high-precision and reliable process sensors, electronic control systems;
- to create automatic process systems for glass mixture production which include conveying systems, raw materials processing equipment, dosing and mixing equipment, aspiration systems, multilevel electronic control systems with built-in position sensors, velocity sensors, strain gauge weighing cells, converters, interfaces, microprocessor devices, personal computers.

More or less each of the current tasks for glass mixtures of different composition, different raw materials, their delivery conditions, availability of small additives etc. got its individual solution techniques with retention of the general approach – high precision, reliability, absence of materials losses, minimal energy consumption, combination of remote and local control.

This influenced the equipment choice, software, process parameters, processing lines configuration.

High scientific and technical level of developments, solution of problems not only in regard to import substitution but also to entrance of equipment and technology to foreign markets were assured by high-level qualification of the employees, main part of which as of the date of company’s establishment had a great professional experience in the military industrial sector.

At present the personnel of "Stromizmeritel" includes more than 60 specialists: research engineers, some of them having academic degrees, design engineers, projectors, technical and engineering employees, skilled workers. These are specialists in the field of silicates technologies, electronics, precision machinery industry, software and instrument engineering, industrial engineering. These specialists are well-known in a score of glass manufacturing plants in Russia and abroad from Africa to Uzbekistan, from the Baltic states to Siberia, from the Trans-Caucasian region to the North-West region.

The work of "Stromizmeritel" company is constantly connected not only with widening of the implementation list which at present includes over 150 lines and several hundreds of process equipment units, but also with constant mastering of new equipment production and improvement of the existing process equipment using the element base, software improvement.

In the production process 'Stromizmeritel' company cooperates with many Russian and foreign companies which develop and manufacture equipment units.

"Stromizmeritel" company is a constant participant of international conferences, exhibitions; “Glass world”, “New glass technologies” (Moscow), Glasstech (Dusseldorf).

In the last two years we assimilated the production of several new equipments units: crushing and milling, sieving equipment units, batch feeders, glass mass granulators, smoke-air dampers.

We develop and produce only the units which we can produce not worse than our west colleagues at substantially lower (less by half or twice) prices.

Each industry sector has its own specific character. Conveyers and elevators for loose materials are produced by many companies. But we have an individual approach to each material being conveyed. Contrary to west specialists we know better the particular qualities of Russian raw materials. This gives us a competitive advantage when developing the equipment. Some of our technical solutions are used afterwards by the European competitors when designing equipment for the former Soviet states.

ПроизводствоNew areas of our work are development of heat generators and combustion systems for raw material enrichment process, designing of plant chemical analytical laboratories.

Apart from designing of batch rooms for glass manufacturing plants we constantly work on similar technologies for preparation of investment compound, electrode, construction and other mixtures.

Employees of "Stromizmeritel" company are actively engaged in scientific and inventive work. Within the last few years we published 80 articles in scientific and technical journals, studies, received 14 patents.

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