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Automation of technological processes
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Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
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Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation

Continuous operation weighers

The continuous operation weighers DNVD-650 are used for dosing powder and fine materials and can be used in different brunches of industry.
Dosing materials – loose batch components with angle of friction no more than 60, humidity no more than 5 and with particle size no more than 30 mm. 
 Parameters DNVD-650/PV8S-0,5/1,2 DNVD650/PV8S-0,5/1,6 DNVD-650/SH-0,25/1,5
 The biggest limit of proportioning (NPP), t/h (m3/h) 63(36)* 63(36)* 63(36)*
 The lowest limit of proportioning (NmPP), % from NPP 20 20 20
 Limit of permissible proportioning error in mode of conveyor weighs, % +1 +1 +1
 Type of weighing conveyor KLM-650-3000 KLM-650-3000 KLM-650-3000
 Width of conveyor belt, mm 650 650 650
 Length between axes of pulley drive and tense stations, mm 3000 3000 3000
 Drive pulley diameter, mm 215 215 215
 Speed of belt moving, m/s 0,58 0,58 0,58
 Energy input of conveyor, kW 1,5 1,5 1,5
 Type of feeding device PV8S-0,5/1,2 PV8S-0,5/1,6 Screw with changeable step
 Dimensions of feeder tray, (width/height), mm 474/256 474/256 -
 Screw diameter of feeding device, mm - - 250
 Length between axes of feeding device loading and conveyor loading, mm  1000 1485 1561
 Energy input of feeder, kW 1,0 1,0 4,0
 Inclination angle of feeder 8 degrees 8 degrees 10 degrees
 Voltage, V 380 380 380
 Utility frequency, Hz 50 50 50
 Weight of dosing unit, no more than, kg 850 950 995

* – Output in fact depends of properties of transport material, transport conditions and specifies during de-sign process; there is output for material with density 1,75 t/h.

Weighers DNVD-650 consist of the following devices:

• Feeding device (vibrating feeder or screw)
• Small size belt conveyor
• Weigher cap (DNVD-650/PV8S-0,5/1,2 and DNVD-650/PV8S-0,5/1,6) or junc-tion pipe with flexible connector (DNVD-650/SH-0,25/1,5)
• Hinged conveyor carriage
• Strain measuring suspender
• Suspension frame
• Control device

Feeding device with controlled output deliver the material on the belt of weighing conveyor.
Indicator of speed (encoder), connected with movable pulley axle tree, gives im-pulse signal during tape transport on definite value.
Strain measuring suspender test weight of conveyor with material and give the present meaning of weight load in control device to count weight of material, passed through conveyor.
Container and scaling factor of weighing device installs during weigher settings in-stallation (calibration check and test).
During the use of weigher for supplying certain dose of material, the concrete or-der is supported. This order allows managing the value of allowance, which provide measuring error elimination connected with loosing of material when the feeding device is switched of.


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