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Automation of technological processes
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Installation and start-up of equipment
Installation and start-up of equipment
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Batch equipment
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Batch house design
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Тechnology of multicomponent mixtures preparation
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Development and production of equipment for machine departments

One of the new lines of activity of “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC is development and production of equipment for machine departments. Together with processing, transportation and dosing lines of return cullet, previously produced for these departments, “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC manufactures the following types of the process equipment:

- glass mass scraper granulators;

- glass batch  and cullet fan loaders for loading into the glass furnace;

- glass batch and cullet plunger swinging loaders;

- tray-type glass batch and cullet loaders;

- glass batch screw loaders;

- shifting air-smoke dampers;

- shut-off and swinging gate valves;

- craddles and support brackets for the glass furnaces.

The glass mass scraper granulator produced by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC consists of a metal case, made of several sections attached together, inside of which is a chain conveyor, consisting of two plate chains of roller-type with scrapers attached to them. The hardened structure of a scraper with a working edge hard metal surfacing and inside lining of bath with abrasion-resistant sheets of HARDOX-400 are used in order to reduce the wear of the inner surfaces and mechanisms of the granulator, and the pulling chain is protected by a faceplate from granulates contact.

Spring-mounted sprockets of the turntable section are used in order to reduce load impact on the traction element and the drive of the granulator. Increasing of the granulator operational efficiency is achieved by means of an additional bottom of the chain conveyor upper arm, glass gobs collapsing by means of special rolls and crushing of the whole afloat bottles by means of a crusher installed in the tail section of the granulator.

 Abbreviated technical characteristics of the granulator  

Length, m


Width (bath width), mm


Drop height of the granulator, mm 


Scraper motion speed, m/min 


Capacity, tonnes/hour


Drive power, kW


Batch chargers structure depends on the requirements to the loading pocket structure, glass mixture melting characteristics and glass melting process as well as other factors. The glass mixture and cullet chargers produced by “Stromizmeritel” Closed JSC can be used in production of glass plates and other glassware. 

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